D: (milchstrasse) wrote in yukitohru,

sunshine - a yuki x tohru fan single

I posted this a year ago on fst and thought I'd share it here as well. (To download, click on the "cover".)

a yuki x tohru (fruits basket) fan single

01    deep forest, ali project
02    ajisai no uta, sasuke
03    sunshine, keane
04    sakamichi, iwao junko

I will always love Yukiru. That is all. ^___^
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Deleted comment

Thanks for listening!

Thank you so much for sharing! ♥
Yayy thank you too! (I love your icon! One of my most favorite moments ever.)
aw i love it thanks for sharing!^_^
Yayy thanks for listening! Anything to help spread the Yukiru love.
I really enjoyed the songs. Isn't Keane's song so eerie, though? The situations match so much, it sounds like it was made with the pair in mind o.o
Very happy you liked it. ^^ Yes, there were parts in "Sunshine" that were strangely very apt (personally the 'can anybody find their way home' and the 'i hold you in my hands / a little animal' parts convinced me this was the track to use, though those could've been taken out of context ^^). "Ajisai no Uta" is also a very Yukiru song, in my opinion (it's about a boy and a girl who get caught in a sudden shower find find shelter under a library's roof, and the whole time they're together the boy prays for the rain to keep falling because he wants to stay with the girl (or, for the rain to keep falling until his heart comes to a decision). I also chose "Sakamichi" because the idea of having someone standing at the end of a long, difficult road "waiting with open arms" was a nice mental image, something I always related to Yukiru. I felt that all those years they spent going through so much pain and heartache were finally over when they met (again). Then again in Tohru's case it was more like meeting the Sohmas that brought her happiness (well, if we go by canon until around volume 10 or so, because beyond that it's just plain angst all around).

Er, sorry for rambling! I was thinking about your song question for your fan video (I can't wait to see it!) but because I have too many songs in mind for Yukiru (I was actually aiming to compile a two-CD FST, not a fan single), it might take me a while to come up with a suggestion.
Nah, don't worry. I enjoyed reading what the songs were about. I could've looked up the lyrics, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet :P