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Yukiru Fiction

I wonder, are we allowed to post any fan fiction,  In LJ?
I wrote some Yukiru fan fiction but I don't know whether fiction can be posted, if it's allowed, I hope someone can help me out!
All the best to Yukiru fans!
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I don't run the comm. or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's allowed. This comm. never has any activity, so it'd be really nice to see something posted ^^
I noticed that it has hardly any activity. But 24 hours a day just isn't enough! I'm not that computer savvy, I got some multi-chaptered fiction around and I don't know how to post it. Ugh I'm such an idiot.
Just copy and paste it into an entry, then put it behind an LJ cut:

Can't wait to read it! Thanks for friending me, by the way ^^