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Let's stay together itsumo.

A community for Yukiru fans.

Yuki x Tohru
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yukitohru is a community wherein fans of the pairing of Sohma Yuki & Honda Tohru (often called Yukiru)-- from the anime/manga Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki -- can come together, and discuss the pairing. It's not that we're opposed to Kyoru -- or any other pairing from the series -- it's just that we really do love this particular pairing, and will continue to, regardless of what happens.


  • Please stay on-topic.
  • Please do not promote other communities here, unless they are relevant to the topic at hand. (Which is to say, rating community promotion will not be tolerated, and will rather be deleted as soon as I see it.)
  • If you're going to be posting spoilers, please put them under a clearly marked LJ cut, and please include which chapter/volume they're from, so that we know if they're safe to read.
  • If posting a picture larger than 300x300 pixels, please post it under an LJ cut.
  • Furthermore, if posting more than one picture, regardless of their various sizes, please put them under an LJ cut. (You can have one, 300x300 or less, picture outside of the LJ cut in this instance.)
  • You are definitely allowed to post Yukiru/Yuki/Tohru graphics (that is, icons, wallpapers, banners, etc) here.
  • As well, if you draw fanart, write fanfic, see good fanart, read a good fanfic, or find a good doujinshi on the topic of Yukiru, please share with the rest of us.
  • Let's have none of this, please. If you happen to come across this community, and don't like our fandom, please go away quietly. We don't pick on you for not liking our fandom, so please don't pick on us for liking it.
  • Above all, have fun! ♥


    Current Challenge: Holiday Theme (Ends December 31st, 2005)
    Past Challenges: None yet.


    The banner overhead, as well as the community's default icon, were made by opiumgaze, whose graphics can be found at triptochinatown. The layout was also made by opiumgaze, with help from howto.


    Leslie (opiumgaze)

    Email: tehleslie@hotmail.com
    AIM: Gaara Loves Sand

    Genny (sharonapple)

    Email: charlonekruz@hotmail.com
    AIM: LadyHakuKaen